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Sounds of Speech

Learning new sounds in English can be challenging! This website designed by the University of Iowa will show you how English vowels and consonants are made, and give you audio to listen to. A great way to practice any sound you are challenged by!

Topics in Linguistic Theory_ Laboratory

Vocal anatomy can seem mysterious, but it's essential knowledge to understand how our speech and singing sounds are produced. This link provides an excellent image of the vocal tract.

Decorative Shape

Breathing Meditation— here is a simple 5 minute meditation to aid in relaxation and increase awareness of the breath.

Red Leather/ Yellow Leather

Most of us have heard of vocal warmups, but warming up the facial and tongue muscles is just as important! Try this oldie but a goodie, a warm up called "Red Leather, Yellow Leather" I learned many years ago in drama camp. Start slowly, exaggerating your facial movements, and gradually increase your speed to have maximum accuracy and results!

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The vowel quadrilateral gives a picture of where speech sounds are shaped and resonate inside our mouths. If you are unfamiliar with the vowel quadrilateral and International Phonetic Alphabet symbols, this article at provides a great walk through and explanation.